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What have you found hardest about going/being vegan?

So, vegans of tumblr, what is it you have found hardest about going/being vegan? 

I have found the social exclusion the hardest thing about  going vegan. The non-consumption of animal products I can deal with, that just means more fruits and vegetables for me. However, being told “I don’t want to eat with you…”, even when I offered to cook a vegan option and non-vegan option, made me realise that changing my diet would impact more than my health. It would shape my social life too. 

However, I’m never gone give you up, veganism. Never gonna let you down~

after all, haters gonna hate.


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  1. whatsthevallabout answered: i find being around non vegan food very challenging since i am a new bee vegan. but i’m working on putting my mind over my cravings
  2. easyveganoptions answered: Going out to eat with non-vegan friends is hard. They see me struggle w/ meat-centric menus and assume, wrongly, that veganism is difficult.
  3. conejitocomelechuga answered: Stupid assholes, and selfish asshole who couldn’t care less about other beings.
  4. phinforthewin answered: my main issue is people apologizing to me, because i don’t eat what they do. i’m not sorry, and they shouldn’t be either.
  5. pumpkinpienix answered: People being weird about it. Like, “ha ha, you can’t eat this! It’s you’re own stupid fault for being vegan!” etc. Annoyballs.
  6. featheres answered: Those diary based meat replacements and milk chocolate. Oh and mayonnaise, and maybe those vegetarian cheesesnacks..
  7. daviie answered: I find that I feel guilty when I deny meals. I still live with my parents and they do not approve of this lifestyle. I’ll keep pushing thru!
  8. youngblackandveganfitblr answered: cheese…the only thing i miss about being non vegan.
  9. summerlou answered: The social exclusion has been the hardest thing for me too. I’ve found I don’t want to hang out with people who aren’t accepting anyway.
  10. empressie answered: Living in an omni household is the worst :(
  11. timelordonbakerstreet answered: I recently went vegan so the hardest part for me is knowing what stuff I can have when I got out. (starbucks coffee, certain breads, etc.)
  12. nomvegannom answered: when people find out im vegan they think its an opportunity to tell me that im living my life wrong and argue that i am the one in the wrong
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